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The Prince of Darkness Likes Sprinkles

Genre: New Adult/Fantasy 

Current Status: Drafting

Synopsis: When the clocks strike midnight on All Hallow's Eve, Darcy Westfall signs a deal with the devil. Well, to be precise, she signs a contract with Malik the Prince of Darkness (one of many princes of Hell). She has seven years of working for Malik before she gains her freedom. Working in a bakery by day and carrying out nefarious deeds by night, Darcy is finding it difficult to keep her day and night jobs separate.


Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult

Current Status: 1st Draft Complete

Synopsis: When it comes to casting curses, your bad name is all you have. Cyndra makes curses for a living. She cast her first sleeping curse when she was ten years old. Phillip is a professional curse breaker. He's saved princesses from evil witches and freed entire kingdoms from deadly curses. The two of them meet when Phillip breaks one of Cyndra’s sleeping curses and is transported, with boils covering his face, to Cyndra’s workshop as punishment. The witch and wizard instantly take a disliking to each other and plan to never cross paths again if they can help it. 

When a prominent wizard is struck down by a killing curse, the dead wizard’s family hires Phillip to track down the person who created the curse. The magic used in the killing curse bears a striking resemblance to Cyndra’s magic, and when another powerful wizard she had a quarrel with is felled by the same curse, all clues point to Cyndra as the culprit. Desperate to clear her name, Cyndra convinces Phillip she can prove her innocence by helping him catch the real killer.

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