The Reading Quest

8:30 PM

Hello, Internet! I am back and ready to tackle a new reading challenge to get me out of my book blogging slump.

The wonderful Aentee over at Read at Midnight is hosting The Reading Quest. You can check out all of the specifics by clicking here. This reading challenge is based off of a video-game quest format (but experience playing video games is not required as I haven't played any video games. Don't let that turn you away) and includes characters and a bingo card for you to fill up with the different books you read that fit the prompts of your chosen character's quest. It's basically a fun way to conquer more of the books on your TBR.

I am choosing to be a Mage because I love to read all things fantasy.

The cute character art I used up above was created by CW of Read, Think, Ponder.

So, in my quest to as a mage trying to conquer her TBR, here are the books I plan to read.

A Book With A One Word Title: 

A Book That Contains Magic: 

A Book Based on Mythology: 

A Book Set in a Different World: 

The First Book of a Series: 

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  1. I chose the mage as my character as well! I just finished reading The Wrath and the Dawn, so maybe I'll read The Rose and the Dagger during the readathon and fit it in somewhere... I hope you love it! I remember The Scorpio Races very vaguely (I read it when it came out), but I did love it! Best of luck with your TBR! :D

    Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!

    1. Thanks, Gennifer! Yay for mages! I am looking forward to reading both The Rose and the Dagger as well as The Scorpio Races as I've heard good things about both:)


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