#WIPjoy Wrap Up 2

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I thought I'd share a little more about my novel with you by doing a recap of all my #WIPjoy tweets during September from Twitter. #WIPjoy is a series of month long daily prompts provided by Bethany A. Jennings (@simmeringmind) in which she encourages writers to share bits and pieces of their current WIP (work in progress).

Full disclosure: There were some days when I totally forgot to respond to the prompt and days I intentionally skipped because they didn't fit with my novel. Also, these are tweets so there may be text speak and abbreviations occasionally.

Day 1: Tell us about your WIP

YA Fantasy. The MC is a shapeshifter who has to hide her shifting abilities in order to compete to be the next Vizier.

Day 2: What stage are you at within this process?

I've written about 29,000 words of the first draft at this point. I'm still in the honeymoon phase where I still like it:)

Day 5: Share a line about a character's past.

"I thought you wanted to be a healer like your mother?"

"I did, but after seeing that..."

Day 6: What does your antagonist love deeply?

My antagonist loves his country. He'll do anything to make sure it goes in a direction he wants.

Day 7: Which two characters have the most interesting history?

Reko, the current Vizier's son, has an interesting past having lost both his mother and brother. Also, Princess Kashi.

Day 10: Share a line about setting that you love.

The brightness of the doors reflected in the pool, making it appear as though it was filled with liquid gold instead of water.

Bonus Day: Introduce the character who will be taking over during character takeover week.

My MC Samara will answer the prompts this week. She's a 17 year old shapeshifter hiding her abilities.

Day 11: Share a deep regret.

I regret leaving my cousin Oma behind when I left for the palace. We grew apart, and I hate that.        -Samara

Day 12: How do you really feel about a character closest to you?

Hayat is my best friend. She's dependable, ambitious, and a quick learner. I don't know how I'd survive the palace without her.

Day 13: Weapon of choice?

I avoid conflict when I can, but my weapon of choice would be my mind. I'm good at knowing what others want.

Day 14: How do you feel about romance?

It'd be nice to fall in love, but I'm far too busy trying to become the next Vizier to go looking for romance.

Day 15: How do you feel about your author?

There are two sides to my author: the side that wants me to succeed and the side that wants to put me through hell first.

Day 16: Any words for future fans of you?

Thank you for your support. I don't know if all the decisions I make are good, but I'm trying to make the world a better place.

Day 18: Share a line that hints at theme.

"There is no such thing as fate or destiny. You make choices, plain and simple."

Day 21: What's been your biggest challenge with this WIP?

Procrastination. I spend more time than I should thinking up names for minor characters.

Day 24: Share a line that's a fantastic example of your writing voice.

I like writing witty, sarcastic characters. Here's a little taste of that:

Day 26: Shoutout to this WIP's biggest fans!

Thanks to all of you who have hearted any of the snippets I've shared of this WIP. Special thanks to @Adelyn_Ann @redrainricky

Day 27: Does your WIP contain any inside jokes?

This WIP has jokes that can be told both inside and outside. Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun:)

Day 29: Shoutout to writer friends who inspire you.

@Adelyn_Ann @MarieKWilliams @Kellie_Sheridan, Headintheclouds, and all of you #WIPjoy people:)

Day 30: Remind us all what your WIP is about. Now everyone retweet/share your favorites and state why you love them!

A teen shapeshifter must hide her shapeshifting abilities and navigate court intrigue in order to compete to be the next Vizier.

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