Hot Chocolate Highlights: January 2017 Recap

6:30 AM

I started January with the best of intentions. My plan was to post reviews of books on a more regular schedule and to finish the first round of edits on my WIP. I started the month off strong, but life got busy. Maybe I'll have better luck in February. 

Crooked Kingdom was my favorite book I read in January. It's the type of book that makes you think you know what's going on, and then it rips the rug right out from under your feet. It also toyed with my emotions. I'll do a full review later, but know that Leigh Bardugo is fast becoming one of my favorite fantasy authors.

1. I've edited nine chapters of the first draft of the WIP I finished last June. I still have another ten chapters to edit before I send it off to beta readers, but it's still progress nonetheless.

2. I'm also working on writing a short story for the RomanceSparks Valentine's Day Crazy for You Anthology on Wattpad. My story will go live on February 8th. You can check out the anthology and my story by clicking here.

1. I celebrated my birthday with my family! We went to see the movie Moana which I enjoyed. I may or may not have played How Far I'll Go on repeat ever since. Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius.

2. I'm an assistant coach for the Forensics team at the school I teach at, and the season is in full swing. This past month has been jam packed with practices before and after school. My students' first tournament was this weekend. 

3. We also started the new semester two weeks ago which means I've been busy trying to learn all my new students' names. I still don't have them all down yet, but I hope to have them by the end of this week.

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